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About The Institute


We're confident that the differences between ACPE and our competitors are the differences that you need to build a competitive advantage in the job market when you graduate. We do that through providing you with the following:

ACPE is crystal clear about its objective; to help you build a competitive advantage in the job market.

Our program is nothing like the career counselling you may have received before. This is a different level of service based on a current and intimate understanding of employer requirements in the education, sport, dance, health and business industries. All career materials are built by a leading professional Career Consultant with 17 years of experience in this area in the corporate, community and education sectors.

We'll help you identify what job competencies employers are looking for in the field you want to get into, and then give you the strategies and/or tools necessary to attain those before you graduate

We'll link you with leading industry employers and leaders to build your network and exposure to opportunities.

We'll help you learn how to write essays and study for exams or with literacy and numeracy needs if you're struggling in these areas. Plus, we'll teach you how to search for the right jobs, how to write resumes and how to be competitive in interviews.

ACPE utilises a hands on approach to your learning so you have a sound theoretical base plus a high level of focus on practical application of that knowledge.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver our programs to a high standard for two reasons; our lecturers are experienced industry experts and we have low student-to-teacher ratios. So you will have abundant access to academics, student services and support staff.

ACPE is an accredited Higher Education Provider and our degrees are accredited by Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency. We've been helping people build careers in sports, dance, and education since 1917.