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About The Institution


The International Study Centre (ISC) provides a supportive learning environment on a safe and peaceful campus. Our experienced and helpful teachers will help you learn and build confidence so that you can successfully go on to study your chosen degree.

For some students, coming to study at the International Study Centre is their first experience of living in a different country. We know how to help you adjust to your new environment so that you can make the most of your time at Keele and in the UK.

Programmes at the International Study Centre will help you prepare for studying at Keele University. You will gain the English language, study skills and academic knowledge you need to succeed in your degree, so that you can go on to graduate and work in your chosen career. 

The International Study Centre will introduce you to the style of teaching that you will experience at Keele University. You’ll participate in tutorials, seminars and lectures so that you are well prepared for your degree studies.

We want all our students to do well in their studies and make the most of the opportunities the University has to offer. We will monitor your academic progress to ensure you achieve the results you need, while encouraging you to have fun outside of your studies.

As a student at the International Study Centre you will be a part of Keele University's welcoming student community. The safe and beautiful campus has everything you need, including teaching buildings, student accommodation, shops, cafés and restaurants.

Once you complete your programme at the International Study Centre, and achieve the required grades, you will go on to study your chosen undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Keele University.