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 Łazarski University and Poland:

Poland is a great place for starting or continuing your university career. It is a dynamic country of over 38 million people and is located in the heart of Europe.Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is a bustling metropolis with 2 million inhabitants, rich cultural offerings, unforgettable history and a vibrant social life.

Along the as usual single degree The Lazarski University's English-language double degree programs are ran in conjunction with the Coventry University in Great Britain. This means that upon graduation, our students get two degrees - one from the Lazarski University and one from the Coventry University.

Students and graduates of Lazarski University can also count on support when seeking their first job. Lazarski University organize numerous workshops, seminars and meetings with representatives of employers and HR industry experts. The best have a chance to participate in a three-month paid internship at a reputable company, organized by the European Union. If you dream of working abroad, for example in Germany, Britain or Spain, you can do so through the Leonardo da Vinci program.