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About The Institute



Royal Holloway combines the finest British education, heritage and culture with international networks in academia, research and business, introducing graduates to the world stage with a globally recognised degree.



Royal Holloway was one of the first women’s colleges in the UK. Since evolving into a co-educational system, Royal Holloway has kept its pioneering spirit with a string of ‘firsts’ - with student achievements in the political, financial and scientific fields and more.


Our friendly and safe community provides the perfect environment for students to immerse themselves in their studies and find something new from the 90+ extra-curricular options. Students are encouraged to flourish in all aspects of their education, whether that is in the lecture theatre, on the extensive playing fields or among the array of performance spaces.


Our teaching staff are all specialists in university preparation. Progress through the foundation year is monitored at all times to ensure students remain on track to successfully complete their programme. They also benefit from regular assessments during the year through exams and marked course work to help them keep track of their progress. Class sizes are small and students are encouraged to approach our academic staff for further help, or for clarification, should they not be sure of something covered in class.


It is important that students are fully prepared to start university life the following year both practically and academically. We introduce our students to the style of teaching that they will experience when they progress onto their degree. Lessons are delivered in a variety of formats - tutorials, seminar style classes and also larger group lectures.